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Trailed Sprayer with Vertical Fold Booms. 2000/3000 litre tank capacity.



  • Main tank made of polyethylene.
  • Chassis made of high resistance reinforced steel. Rustproofing with thermal paint hardened with polyester resin.
  • Adjustable track width 1550-2100mm.
  • Protected front platform with access ladder.
  • Hydraulic service brake.
  • Parking brake.
  • Straight drawbar, ring type hitch.
  • 230/95 R28 Wheels.
  • Circuits-cleaning and hand-washing auxiliary tanks.
  • Product premixer (40L) with container rinse.
  • Agitation via hydraulic agitators.
  • Pump suitable for being used with low density liquid fertilizers.
  • Suction Filter



  • 7 Liquid sections for every computer
  • Computers: Bravo 180s/Bravo 400 + GPS
  • Foam Markers
  • Speed Sensor antenna (only Bravo 180s)


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