Tractor Mounted Fertilizer Spreader


RSP 360

Three point fertilizer spreader of solid granules, centrifuge. One-piece sheet hopper chasis of stamped steel resistant to deformations. The bottom of the hopper is oriented and enables continuous regulation of the material input. It enables the spreading by means of side distribution.

Working width: 9 meters
Capacity: 360 liters
Spreader: monodisk


Flex Line

Spreader, for solid and granulated fertilizers, centrifuge, 3-point and trailed.  With two rotating discs and stainless steel vanes, with PTO of 540RPM of tractor.  Plastic hopper.  Hydraulic opening and closing, with cylinder and hoses.

Working width: 18 meters
Capacity: 1050 liters
Distribution: dual disc
Rims for tires 600 x 16 (2)


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