Narrow trailed mistblower specially designed for fruit, almond and vineyard crops. Available with fan groups OASIS 700, 800 or 900 mm.



  • OASIS 700: made of stainless-steel. 1-speed gearbox, 8 nylon blades, 14 jets.
  • OASIS 800: made of stainless-steel. 2-speed gearbox, 8 nylon blades, 14 jets. Optional Clutch and air pre-distributor.   
  • OASIS 900: made of polystyrene. 2-speed gearbox, air pre-distributor, 10 nylon blades, 14 jets. Available made of stainless-steel (higher price).
  • Polyethylene tank. Different capacities depending on the model: OASIS 700 (600 L), OASIS 800 (1000 L), OASIS 900 (1500 and 2000 L)
  • Diaphragm or piston pump
  • Electric regulation system
  • Road lights, trim, chemical induction tank at the top of the tank and “V” type deflector
  • Optional extras: clutch, homokinetic transmission, rotating nozzle, regulation from the cabin, cleaning robot and vineyard and cognac winery deflector.


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