Articulated Rotary Cutter 4330
Articulated rotary cutter, centrally trailed, fitted with hydraulic system for regulation of cutting height, from 0.05m to 0.45m., simultaneously in the three articulated bodies, which enables adaptation to the irregularities of the ground.
Designed especially for heavy work.

Working width: 4.30 meters
Wheels: with rims for tires 600×16 (4)
Number of rotors/number of blades: 3/ 12
Maximum power in PTO: 100 HP


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Series Delta 6150
Foldable rotary cutter series Delta trailed with central safeguard, especially designed for large extensions, excellent features and the highest performance even in the most severe working conditions. Retractile lateral wheels for reducing transport width. Four gearboxes, one divided and three cutting gearboxes to obtain the best distribution of the input power. Compensated cylinders to regulate the cutting height (0.035 a 0.40 m) evenly.
Cutting system with double chopping blades and disk to minimize impacts.

Working width: 6.10 meters
Wheels: with rims for tires 650×16 (6)
Number of rotors/number of blades: 3/12
Maximum power in PTO: 140 HP


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