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Mounted sprayer to use with manual booms.



  • Chasis: Cold bent square hollow section steel and folded sheet. Thermal paint hardened with polyester resin. Side steps in machines from 1000L.
  • Tanks: Made of polyethylene. Three independent tanks: main, hand-washing and circuits-cleaning. Up to 1500 Liters.
  • Filtration: Multiple. Suction filter with safety valve. Anti-pollution filter charger. Filter in filler neck.
  • Mixture: Hydraulic Agitator
  • Pump: Diaphragm Imovilli D (low pressure). Diaphragm Imovilli M (high pressure). pistons Imovilli P (high pressure)
  • Regulation: Brass (high pressure). Manual CD7 3-way (low pressure). Manual volumetric CD7 3 or 5-way (low pressure)
  • Standard accessories: Anti-pollution charger. Transmission. Spray guns.
  • Booms: Compatible with manual ones.
  • Optional components: Side steps in machines up to 800L. High pressure (back brass filters, remote control (brass) and hose reel). Low pressure (chemical induction tank, quick hitch, electrically controlled 3/5 way).



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