I5-S Hydraulic Boom




  • Vertical folding.
  • Sequential and independent hydraulic (un)folding in every section-5 sections for 12 and 14 meters width booms (model i5).
  • Sequential and independent hydraulic (un)folding in every section-7 sections for 15-21 meters width booms (model i5-S).
  • Double and damped arms support.
  • Double elastic strapping (anti-whiplash and higher speed).
  • Automatic pendular balance correction.
  • Reinforced steel structures (with polymerized oven painting) and aluminium ends.
  • Elastic strapping for arm support
  • Elastic protection at boom ends front-back (automatic return, boom ends elevate against obstacles
  • Permanently protected nozzles.
  • Manual blockage.
  • Ball bearings for arm articulation
  • Requires two additional pressure-return groups to open/close
  • Stainless-steel nozzle holders
  • Standard anti-drip flat nozzles ISO 100º, @500mm
  • Pipes made of corrosion-resistant material.
  • Aluminium ends.


Optional extras for i5-i5s model:

  • Hydraulic tilt and blockage system. Joystick
  • Trijet nozzles, road lights, V-20 plates slots, foam marker


Additional Information