Spraying quality

The objective of an agrochemical treatment is to reach a biological efficiency to satisfy the needs of
the farmers. Several factors are key to the result of each application:
• The product used, and its performance;
• Criteria influencing the application timing:
> growth stage,
> pesticides,
> diseases,
> general status of pesticide, disease, and weed activity,
> climate,
> spray quality.

The quality of the spraying application is the top priority of the engineering know-how and expertise
of ALBUZ®.

The nozzle is a key to the performance of the sprayer. It also influences the biological efficiency of
the sprayed product.

Nozzles are characterized by:
> Flow;
> Angle;
> Spray distribution quality (on the boom);
> Droplet spectrum;
> Distribution on target;
> Drift classification.

ALBUZ® takes into account all those parameters in order to offer a product range that satisfies all the
needs of the farming industry. ALBUZ® complies with all environmental regulations. We also
anticipate future spraying innovations, by constant investment in R&D.



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