Agri-Services Watercart



Agri-Services 5000lt Fire Fighter with 900lt mixing tank

  • 5000lt tank constructed from 5mm mild steel outer shell, with 4mm inner baffles (forwards and sideways) and storage space for knapsacks on top. Tank to be galvanized or treated with “Jotun tank guard storage” or similar product
    Estimated weight: 1000kg
  • Chassis constructed from 200x100x4.5mm rectangular tubing with 76x38x5mm support beams, labour rails on the side of round tubing and expanded metal and a firefighting tower. Disselboom made from 150x75x6.5mm channel.
    Estimated weight: 650kg
  • Normac Two stage pump pressure up to 95m, 500 litres/min with hydraulic motor
  • Burquip 10ton braked agricultural axle – AFB90C with 385/65R22.5 Toledo tyres
  • Fiberglass mixing tank, 900lt, with stainless steel paddle mounted at the top rear of
    the tank. Estimated weight: 120kg
  • 3 x refilling stations for knapsacks below mixing tank
  • All piping done with HDPE and inline filters. Non-return valve on mixing tank line.
  • 2 x Fire hose reels with 30m hose each
  • Rear spray bar for dust compression
  • Suction pipe for filling tank from canal or dam etc.


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