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On Tuesday, 22 November 2022, Agri Services together with our Zambian agent, Kafuelami Consulting, attended a Macadamia study group in, Mkushi, Zambia.

The day was hosted by Green Farms Nut Company on Mwansa Chawa farm. The day included a talk by Drymac and a demonstration and talk by Kafuelami Consulting/Agri-Services.

Adrian Padt from Drymac started off the morning talks and included topics such as “Why Dry Blind, Equilibrium Moisture content, How to control curing, The difference between Kernel and NIS Moisture content and Optimal Storage Conditions.”

Bruce Tapping of GFNC discussed the current Macadamia market situation and the impact of global events on the market. These include the war in Ukraine and the ongoing economic crisis in China. With China being in lockdown and buyers not being able to secure loans from the banks, the Chinese are looking at buying from local suppliers only. China makes up for 30% of Green Farms sales and big percentages from other Macadamia suppliers. Bruce continued to discuss contingency plans and the outlook for the market in 2023.

Everybody then moved down to the orchard for the demo on the 3000lt Toringvalk.

Edu Boettiger introduced Kafuelami Consulting and their partnership with Agri-Services and explained how Kafuelami envisions supplying and servicing the Zambian market.

Danie Kok from Agri-Services discussed the 3000lt Toringvalk Mist blower with the 90cm Bi-Turbine fan and spoke about Agri-Services and how we go about designing and building our mist blowers. He highlighted the importance of incorporating farmers feed back into our designs.

Danie handed over to Viljoen Malan who discussed the various factors to consider when calibrating a mist blower and the importance of proper sprayer maintenance.

Then it was finally time for the Toringvalk to show what it is made of. The demo was done using various nozzles to show the effect it has on calibration. It was important to show case the capabilities of the Toringvalk mist blower beyond the current size of the trees in the orchard.

The day was ended off by a Boerie roll braai hosted by Kafuelami where everybody had a chance to discuss, network and just socialize after the day’s events. Even Bruce from GFNC got involved in the braai showing the boertjies from South Africa how it is done.

All and all it was a very successful day where the members did not just learn a few new things, but also had the chance to share ideas and just relax a bit.

Thank to GFNC and Mwansa Chawa farm for hosting such a wonderful day, Drymac for sharing their wisdom and Kafuelami Consulting for making it possible for Agri-Services to be represented in Zambia.